About the Man | Been involved in the Internet arena for over a decade with a strong background in both traditional and online marketing techniques. Presently spearheading the Marketing Department in OffGamers.com which consists of SEM, SEO, Data Analytics and Payment System.  I have a strong passion in the online games industry and constantly seeking new internet technologies to embrace and apply to my work.

daphne HomeAbout the Guy | Man do I love gaming and the internet! Other passion includes traveling, watching an entertaining movie and just chillin out with friends after a hard day’s work. I am also blessed with a very loving wife, Angie Ng and an adorable but cheeky daughter named Daphne whom both I hold very dear to my heart.

About the Site | This site represents my entire presence on the world wide web which can be quite scary. Under the hood, this site is powered by the ever popular open-source WordPress CMS, sprinkes of jQuery and a dash of Java for extra flavours.